How old do I have to be? 

To use any of our services you must be 18 and over. 

What ID do I need? 

You will need some form of ID, photo ID may be required for some services. 

What if I have a bad credit rating or a CCJ? 

We do not need to perform any personal income or credit checks and using any of our services will not affect your credit rating. 

How much can I borrow? 

There is no upper limit to the amount we can loan you, but the amount offered will depend on the value of the item(s) you bring in to use as security. Multiple items can be used, either on a single contract or multiple contracts. 

What happens to my items? 

The item(s) you use as security will remain with us, either in our safes or secure stock rooms until you redeem them or the contract expires. After that the item(s) will be put up for sale or go to auction. 

How long is the loan for? 

Our Buyback option is up to 28 days, and our Pawnbroking contacts are up to 7 months. Pawnbroking is regulated by the Consumer Credit act 1974. 

What happen to my item(s) if I don't come back? 

If you use our Buyback option, after the 28 day period has expired the item(s) are simply put out for sale as we would for any other stock purchase. 
If you use our pawnbroking service and the contract is not redeemed we will dispose of your item(s) on your behalf for a fair market value to recover the amount you borrowed. If the amount realised from such sales (after deducting sale costs) is more than the amount you owe at the date of the sale, we will notify you of any surplus, which you can collect from the store. If the item(s) sale does not realise enough to clear the balance outstanding we will not ask you for the difference, it will be written off. This would have no impact on your credit rating, and you would be free of the contract with us. You are always welcome to use our services again. 

Do we owe you any money? & Cost of sale. 

If you do not redeem a pawn agreement and the value is greater than £75 and we sell it, you are entitled to collect any surplus left after deducting the loan capital, interest to date of the sale and reasonable costs to effect the sale. Costs of sale include auction fees where relevant, qualified valuation, overhead administration and staff time, staff training, security, repairs & refurbishment to get the best possible price for the item, and costs of marketing, promoting and selling in store where appropriate. 
They may also be remaining items left to collect that did not need to be sold to cover the amount outstanding. A Notice of Sale letter would have been sent to the address on the contract, if you have not received a letter or have moved then please contact us and we can check whether the is any surplus to collect. 

If I use the pawnbroking service, do I have to come in every month to pay the interest? 

No, you pay the amount borrowed plus the interest to date that you come to collect your item(s). 

Can I use a credit/debit card to collect my item(s)? 

No, unfortunately we can only accept cash, however a credit/debit card can be used to purchase any item in our store. 

What if I run out of time to get my item(s) back? 

If you are getting close to the end of the contract date and are worried you are going to lose your item(s) then please phone or come in to discuss any further options that may be available to you. 

Why do Buybacks and Pawnbroking? 

Pawnbroking is used for item(s) that will hold their value over the course of the loan like gold jewellery and watches, Buybacks are used for item(s) that tend to depreciate much quicker, like mobiles, game consoles, televisions. 

Are my item(s) covered by your insurance? 

No, you must make your own arrangements for insurance or check with your own contents insurers to see if your own policy will cover them. 

Can my friend or family member pick up my item(s)? 

No, you must collect your item(s) in person 

What if I lose my contract/forms? 

If you lose your Buyback form, please visit our store with two forms of ID. If you lose your Pawnbroking contract and the borrowed amount exceeds £75, you will need to obtain a signed and stamped affidavit from a solicitor, who may charge for this service. You must bring the affidavit to Bring or Buy Pawnbrokers on the same day to serve as your contract. 

Can I make monthly payments towards my loan? 

Yes, there is an option to make part payments, but only on the pawnbroking service. 

Can I borrow cash without providing collateral? 

No, as a pawnbroker we would always require item(s) as security against the loan. 
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